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 Well, the Truth About Friends is...

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Well, the Truth About Friends is... Empty
PostWell, the Truth About Friends is...

[Rogue«] I wanna blog something. but I need an idea....
[Myles»] hm..
[Myles»] I have an idea.
[Myles»] What if you blogged about the meaning of friendship and how it applies to you and your life?

Friendship.... what on earth does that mean to me....

Before my junior year of High School, it would have meant absolutely nothing more than not being alone at lunch. But it was halfway through my junior year when I broke the rules and stumbled into my first chat room. I salute thee, the Unofficial Dragon Adopters chat.

I had entered there.
That is where I truly redefined friendship.
My two closest friends today-Myles and another-were made in that room. Though I have not known either for a year, I trust these two beyond anyone else. It is rare I give any friend my home number. These two have it.

It is rare I confess to anyone what I go through every day. But with these two, I have.

And it is definitely rare for me to confess that I have an insane additiction to Dexter's Laboratory.... but these two know it!

but.... what IS a friend? Is it someone you tell your every secret? Someone you turn to for help? Someone who you hate but never for more than an hour because you have stuff to tell them? Someone who, no matter how much they hurt you, you can always forgive? Someone who is there for you? Or your tablemate from kindergarten?

Maybe I should now point out that, without Myles, I would not be alive. He stopped me, on multiple occasions, from believing I was hopeless and couldn't make it to eighteen.

Without my other special friend, I probably would be antisocial. He has helped me to come out of my shell a bit and to be a little more open about some things.

and yet... sometimes... we lose these friends. Sometimes it's a good thing. Sometimes not.

My friend Keevin Sanchez was a force to be reckoned with... if you were Chuck Norris or Toph Bei Fong or the entire US Military, maybe. Keevin was not the kind of person I would associate myself with now. On the contrary, he was rude, arrogant, self-absorbed and a schemeing troll. He loved and cared about no one. Once upon a time, I was part of an RP group known as Epic Jello. Once upon a time, Keevin-also known as Skyron of Sky Guild, formerly a leader of Anemori of Forbidden Order RP (also known as FORP)-destroyed that group. I thought I'd heard the last of him back in 2007 until quite recently. As a mod of a number of smaller gaming and roleplaying groups (among them NoeZZel and Ga'hoole Universe), I was constantly online. Then I began getting attacked, again, years after the last attack had escaped my mind.

On the other hand, Rivago Anchara, another person from FORP, was and is still one of the closest friends I have ever had. He had come from Anemori, under Keevin's leadership, and still holds onto logs of the RPs (as far as I know, the only existing logs today). However, no matter what, Rivago remains to be the first friend I have met from online. He is also the greatest friend-aside from Lawra-that I had my entire Sophomore year of high school.

To Myles: you are currently the closest friend I have. Rivago and I never RPed the way you and I do.
To Al: you will always be the one closest to me, in every way.
To Lawra: where the hell did you go?
To Jen: don't make me email you.
To Lucus Momoika: I'm stalking you on Skype!
To Rivago: FORP's back up.
To Ryan: WYD, Server 1, Armia, you and QuiGonJinn. Meet at Nell, by the Feild Gate 10 am sharp tomorrow morning. be there.
To Calya/Devia: where on earth are you hiding?
To Mo'rocil: I miss you, dude.
To Amber: Remember that day we skipped school and went to Bantam Chef? That was so awesome...
To Gabby and Izzy: Remember back when got free soda from hardies? and caused a pileup on Highway 9? Neither do I.
To Grayson: Sorry I missed the party. They decided to drag me hiking at the last minute.
To Leeanna: Let's beat up Amber this year. I want first place in the library thing for once. not third.
To Angie: Remember that time... in Ms. Metz's class... with the microwave...
To Allie B: Remember that time... in biology class... when the cabinet fell off the wall...
To Allie C: Remember that time... the one where we convinced the teacher that the movie theater had one dollar tickets to Harry Potter...
To Nat: What IS my wonderland login name?
and finally, to Jon and Buzitsky: ALIENS AND SPACE NINJAS FTW!! LET'S KILL NATA-CHAN!!

my friends may be the only reason I am still alive.

God, I love these people.

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I am the CREATOR!!


That's more like it.

Well, the Truth About Friends is... >      [SSSS]
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Well, the Truth About Friends is...

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