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Bucket List

1. I want to threaten to stab someone with a spork.
2. I want to threaten to stab someone with a fork. (June 10, 2013!)
3. Senior Prank! (May 2012!)
4. To sell 15 cosplay items, and two (working!!) copies of Nepeta's Tablet!

to be updated.
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I am in need of a Staff member who fits the following criteria:
-Online at least twice weekly
-Knows minor HTML/BBC
-Preferably 15 or older, but I'm not checking
-has previous experience with Forumotion (Necessary.*)
-Previous moderator experience and graphics know-how are a plus
*Please note that creating your own Forumotion site to get experience IS ALWAYS an option.

This post will entail:
-cleaning up coding that no longer works/ repairing such coding
-Suggesting new features for the site
-Updating important topics (Rules, etc)
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Head Banner

MinecraftArtist of Howrse made this banner for me on request. I absolutely love it, and their work will remain here for a long time to come!

Because the animation does not work in the header, the full copy is below:
Blog Entries Roguefighterbanner-by-MinecraftArtist-Howrse

I am especially in love with the incorporation of my avatar and signature quote! I didn't ask for them, but they added quite the unique and personal touch that makes the piece unique to both the site and...
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Welcome all

Welcome to Rogue's Blog.

This is a blog for an anonymous cause... because the truth MUST be known.

Names are changed.
I am not the original one with this idea. I am that one's brother.

That is all you need to know.
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I would like to post some quotes (and their sources) and post them up here. This is marked as a sticky so it does not get buried. Actually, that will soon be called a glue, and a normal a paper, and an announcement a billboard, and a global announcement a tv broadcast. But for now, it's a sticky.

Quote :
However, anonymous also consists of the very people society depends on. We cook your meals. We haul your trash. We connect your calls. We drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep.

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I, Rogue Fighter, am back.

I forgot about this place for a while, sorry about that. I'll try to write weekly from now on. I love the banner, that was a hard one to explain to people who know me now.

Things have gone downhill for me, but we'll see what happens now.

Keep being awesome.
Rogue Fighter.
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I finally have my theme fixed and omfg was it always this BLUE??
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Nala and I left each other a month ago.

Meet Kor, my new partner-in-crime, who doesn't know about my blogs.
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If you're gone, I'll remember...

The day I picked up that stuffed dragon The day of the first RP The day I first admitted I cared The first skype call Voxli chats the damned family tree the day you guys convinced me to read homosuck the random times you were scared by my hiccups that one date you having to...
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Last night, my mother and I were doing pool maintenance and found a frog nearly the size of my fist in the skimmer. He was still alive, and we were relieved. Little did we know, this might not have been so if we hadn't of been looking at him. As I walked away to put more Baking Soda in the pool, he jumped into the skimmer. The basket was out because she had been going to vacuum the pool. As mom reached for him, he dove down-and was sucked into the pipe. He must have barely fit, as he was about the same size. As she freaked out and we waited for him to come back up, I told her to go and check the...
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July 1st, 2013! Minecraft 1.6.1 comes out today! So, since I did my daily word count for Camp NaNo by 1 am this morning, I decided to indulge and play! This topic is to be updated throughout the day!

I like:
-hardened clay, the smooth texture is better than using wool.
-horses, my main reason for using technic.

 BUGS: Carpet. Cannot. Be. Placed. Under. Beds!! Or furnaces! or even crafting tables. Doors, yes, I can understand somewhat, but really? The other three too?
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Today I threatened to stab my disowned brother with a fork because he told me I wasn't his boss. I also threatened to bash his face in with a full 2 Liter of shaken Redpop, all in full view of my grandparents. The end.

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I think my mom tops the list right now, currently taking the number one place. Weeping Angels are number two.

Why? She went into her room after being gone a night, and found her trash can tipped over. No big deal. Then she found poop among the contents, claimed I locked up Athena (brother's new puppy) in her room and started screaming at me. Then when I tried to convince her ALEX had been the only one in her room, one of our tabby toms, she called me a liar and told me to leave. Upon having left, I muttered "believe what you want" and she called me back in there. She screamed at me to...
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Announced yesterday, the beta opens within two weeks' time!
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finally have come to terms about some shit i can't change. doesn't make me like it any less. but one thing irks me.

i rarely get to spend time alone with one person. it's starting to make it hard for me to connect with them more and more despite their attempts to change that. the inside jokes are getting intolerable. i know, i know, you've offered to let me in on them but i keep refusing. why? because i can't stand half the shit in the first place. and the "because you're duuuuuumb" line is starting to kill me inside. to you it's a joke. to me it's a reminder of everything i was told...
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Requested topic by (Anonymous person)

So, I was asked what warnings I would give my future mate. Well, I thought about it and here they are:

1. I do enjoy cuddling. I won't do it openly but as soon as I find you alone I will tackle you. Nothing over pg, really, aside from an excess of affection.
2. I can't cook. Unless it is: Banana Bread, Pizza, pasta or awesome garlic bread.
3. I rarely use headphones. Unless I am on a walk, I rarely use headphones. Or a headset Mic, for that matter. I just yell at my laptop's mic :3
4. I am terrified of basements. You will...
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Okay... 6 more facts I forgot to mention...

1. I can't talk to him until AFTER she's in bed it seems.
2. He always seems more friendly around her.
3. She would never talk to me otherwise.
4. I am constantly second place, or so I feel.
5. I have tried... time and time again... to say I wish I could be higher up on someone's priorities list....
6. What keeps happening is only fueled by depression. It's going to continued to be fueled until I blow... and when I blow, everyone is going down. EVERYONE. ALL SHIT IS GOING STRAIGHT TO MOTHERFUCKING HELL. I DON'T FUCKING...
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I've had.... issues.... of sorts, with a couple of people for months now. Ever since one appeared, this summer, in fact.

Finally, however, I sense the hatred--and pure insult, desire, whatever it may be--is going to burst. And soon. When it does... oh, I do not pity the recipient. I do not. In fact, far from it! If it gets how far it is headed... it will be moot. And they will regret messing with me.

Though I have said I am unbothered and it is fine, many times, it has been grudgingly. But no. It was never "fine" and I refuse to allow the illusion it is to persist for any...
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Blog Entries 14_1_minute_10_seconds
Created by Oatmeal

How many germs live on your cell phone?


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Today we celebrated Christmas early.

My brothers and I did very well this year. They got a zike and more airsoft guns, in addition to all things Pokémon, a drum, and a remote control helicopter and car. My mom got a puzzle, some binoculars, and a cooking griddle. Even the cats, Alex and Sparta, got lots of treats. My amazing dog, Nikki, got some rawhide, a pink lighted...
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Guest Blogger Ranye from The Dalek Prophet presents...

The Top 10 Reasons To Listen To Christmas Carols

1. They annoy your family.
2. They turn away unwanted guests.
3. They sound just as good when you are drunk!
4. But if you are high, you can hit EVERY note perfectly!
5. The parodies are actually very accurate (Try The Night Santa Went Crazy and Karkat's Gristmas Carols)
6. Your dog can sing along and keep perfect pitch! (The smaller dogs do
the high notes, but keep the larger ones on the lower notes.)
7. No matter how hard you try to...
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How about betrayal?

I was betrayed.
By this post.

I cannot express how determined I am Ranye will die or that blog will be hacked and that post removed. If I did not know that emailing her was pointless I'd spam her.
Her blog does not allow guest posting.
I want her gone.
Gone from this planet.

Ranye or Rayne or whatever your name is, LEAVE ME ALONE!!
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[11:32:48] -FFN- !theend
[11:32:48] -Chatbot- 32 days, 5 hours, 27 minutes, 48 seconds left.
[11:33:11] -An- The end? The end of what? D:
[11:33:27] -Fer- Of everything
[11:33:36] -FFN 21 - 12 - 2012
[11:33:54] -An- ....Darnit... *was hoping it was gonna be something else. :C*
[11:34:14] -FFN- The end of the Mayan calendars if you forget the leap years.
[11:34:51] -Au- But that predicted apocalypse is off by roughly 700 years or so due to minor mistranslations...
[11:34:59] -FFN- Yup.
[11:35:03] -An- ... XD
[11:35:13] -An- The world got confused.
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You never know what I mean. You don't realize what it is, and through your ignorance you cause constant pain.

When I ask if you're busy, I want to say hi
When you say you are, I go and hide
When you don't answer, I feel all alone
When you say you can't talk now, my heart gets dragged back home.
When you say you will get off to say hi,
It makes me guilty, so I refuse to talk yet hide and cry
I know it's confusing to know what I mean
But I hate to be the third wheel in everything it seems
I know you won't even read this
Don't ask me, I just...
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May 24, 1993-October 15, 2011:
-6719 days, including the final day
-18 years, 4 months, and 22 days
-580,521,600 seconds
-9,675,360 minutes
-161,256 hours
-959 weeks (rounded down)

August 9, 1994-December 30, 2012:
See above.

On December 30th, I start my eternal quest.
I will complete his dreams.
I will do so in my lifetime, no matter how hard or how far I have to go. If it can be done, it will be done.

I still love you. I have been planning this for months.

Wesley, that day I set out to do what you never...
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Seriously, if you are a member of Mythic Paradise, I really intend to-and will-do just that!

Seven facts you really MUST know about your beloved member with the cuddling cat avatar:
1. Okay remember when we kept changing rooms because, oh call him M, kept getting in? I helped. Occasionally.
2. G was never mean to me. If anything? He was friendly in the extreme sense of the word. He wasn't so nice to my friends, but besides banning me he was as friendly as could be. And the ban was cause I actually provoked him!
3. I don't tolerate you guys, I just enjoy...
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Oh, I wanna throw this dang
Computer off the roof
I don't know what's happening
It's being all aloof

It started with the keyboard
Soon I was missing X, I and Caps
Now I'm just pissed
Cause the mic is playing craps

I really really really wanna throw it off the roof
I think it's really time it was shown that I'm it's boss, is true--
And if it wasn't playing games, what a fine machine it'd be
A dual core CPU and four gig of ram, you see

But its time is up it won't come back
After this Christmas--
I'm throwing this...
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Dear my beloved readers,

It is no big secret I have Multiple Personality Disorder, or MPD.

But lately, I've been having mental blackout periods. Whoever it was, WHATEVER it was, that last post was NOT MADE BY ME. I do not know WHO escaped this time, so BE WARNED. My normal (or semi-sane-ish normally) sona is named ANIKEE. Please, if I act funny, tell me to "snap outta it, Anikee!"

An unusual factor is that I can actually Switch back and forth and not even notice it, even though a file will be open on my screen I don't even remember WRITING. (This is the reason I...
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Today I will talk about two new websites and a free domain service.
My friend liked my blog I made with Forumotion, so she asked me to make her one too.

The Dalek Prophet is a blog with no known intentions yet. Also, no known updating schedule, but that should change. It belongs to my friend Ranye (rahnihyay). The blog is also Forumotion-run, like mine.
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Eshtv zy imechotu. Eshtv zy il ezf Carolinas o utengo. Eshtv zy magi il ezf nogre eufok ethpo klef!
(I am not here. I am in the Carolinas for a little. I will return tomorrow[in the future] with new stories!)

I will return with pics! Until then I will post other BS.

Like, we are affiliated with Warriors' Wander now.

And I have to post more art. Sorry for the delay on that.
And Tacos. I REALLY want a Taco. I've been craving one for two months now...

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I'm not okay. And EFF YOU for even asking.

You don't understand my sorrow, my pain. You pretend you do. But you DON'T. I can only imply one thing so many ways, so many times. I reconsider every day whether I really care about these feelings in my mind. I honestly want to just move on, to have a life. But something's holding me back, holding me down.
It's you; you're part of it. You're the reason I'm online. I need to get off, but I stay on hoping to talk to you, so often disappointed and so often turned away. I'm sick of being second place to those who should care...
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While I'm on yesterday's topic...

Some things are best left unsaid.
Many things are best left unsaid.

Why cannot we accept this?

So thus goes the topic of my NaNo. It's a fictitious story about life.

NaNoWriMo 2012!! Coming in a NaNovember near you!
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Today I stumbled upon a site called "Six Billion Secrets." While reading through the first three pages, I laughed, I cried, and I mulled over my life. I wondered.... could a single secret really have such power? Each of us must have a secret but just how much does it control our lives day to day?

The site is here: Six Billion Secrets.
Postscripted Edit: Some of the quotes are lined up funny; this is because the original site...
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Ignore the name. It just sounded cool.

The last day of judgement. The final testimony. The moment of victory.

I am standing on the edge of a fork, one that will decide what I do in life. Whether I am a straight or curve. (Though I'm obviously a curve...) I stand here alone, with no one by my side. This choice is mine alone, and others cannot influence it. Others cannot come near me. Others have no choice in this moment... Only I do.

Others are all around me. Others may inspire me and encourage me, but ultimately... it's my decision.

The path, the road,...
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Something is wrong with my mind. I'm beginning to think I'm going insane. I ride an emotional roller coaster, and get upset at mundane things yet cant be bothered with things more serious.

I hope to hear
That soulless voice
the one that leaves me
without a choice

a voice behind which
i cower in pain
it lifts me up
crushes me again

I'm starting to believe the headaches, the tears, the unnatural sensitivity is something more....

Rogue Fighter
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Tomorrow, October 15th, 2012 marks the one year mark of his passing.

I want to post song lyrics. Then I want to write you a letter.
And, Wesley? I am mentioning you in my NaNo, DGOAO.


Deep in the meadow, under the willow

A bed of grass, a soft green pillow

Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes

And when again they open, the sun will rise.

Here it's safe, here it's warm

Here the daisies guard you from every harm

Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
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On October 15th, 2011, I lost my dearest friend to cancer. The guy I had dated for over two years. The friend I had always wanted. The one person I would do anything to get back, or before then, to have healed.

Below, I have written a letter followed by spoilers containing poems and pictures. Please feel free to...
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Dear Azula Macoonis,

I understand you and Zeon are friends. But please let me spend time with him too... That is all I ask....

But I can't. Because you are. And I want to step in, but that's not the kind of person I am. I don't retaliate. However, today, I begin to plot. I am tired of it... he barely talks to me.... I want him back. He is mine. Please... save me some time... Let me spend time with the one I chose....

I know his view on things. But I want some personal time with him as well................................

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The following is wanted for Solsticestar:

Game Tips
Online/PC Games:
RATING LIMIT: PG13 or equivalent
These should be for sites such as:
-Howrse (specify between EC and other)
-WYD Global
-League of Legends
-other Online/PC MMOs

RATING LIMIT: PG13 or equivalent
-DS games (any and all)
-Gameboy games (any and all)

RATING LIMIT: PG13 or equivalent
-Xbox games (any and all)
-Play Station games (any and all)

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The blog is, indeed, moving after all this time. We are switching to, and the Game Tips forum will become a major, integral part of the site.

So, as for the blog, I will continue to update it on the progress and will continue to post here after the new site is completed. Also, by the way, to my loyal fans, My deviantart accountg is now for you:

Rogue on dA

Happy Blogging!
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[2:26:03 AM] doritomingo: i will post your birthday story soon
[2:26:12 AM] doritomingo: finishing some edits.
[2:26:31 AM] doritomingo: I have to *manually* draw in the /klee/ symbol
[2:26:58 AM] doritomingo: it's being a bitch, msword hates it
[2:27:07 AM] Hema: I misread that
[2:27:16 AM] Hema: "It's being a bitch, my sword hates it."
[2:27:20 AM] doritomingo: O.o
[2:27:25 AM] doritomingo: rofl!!
[2:27:55 AM] doritomingo: oh, you mean Arya?! yeah we know!
[2:28:13 AM] Hema: uhhm
[2:28:15 AM] *doritomingo just fell off the bed O.O
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Here we go. This is to randomly compare members now and what I think will happen in 20 years....

now: 21 year old computer Geek with both money and emotional issues and a gf.
future: owner of a huge company, millionaire, single and Forever Alone
still here? maybe

now: a sonic/pokemon fan. good writer and digital artist for her age.
future: a renowned writer and artist who is a bit like Harry Potter's Nymphadora Tonks, complete with the wild colored hair.
still here? yes

now: I don't really know...
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College orientation is in 13 days!!

I will sign up, possibly choose a roommate, and even meet my teachers!!

Nothing else is occurring at the present moment. My doctor fixed my meds so I'm no longer a Zombie and can handle myself again.

Contests to the Class of Twenty-Twelve!!
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I am so sick if my friends who always claim they want me around then totally ignore me whenever I am. One in particular is bad about it. He always says he wants to rp but whenever I have time he's suddenly busy. Always. Except one and he quit 5minutes in then.

I hate being used. Nothing angers me more except someone using my friends. Ive done more for some of my friends than anyone. Yet. Only one ever thanks me for it. Only one. Most don't notice nor care. And you know what? Twark is right.

From now on, they can go to hell. I do too much. I'm so passive I normally accept it....
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The title says it all.

On October 15, 2011, my closest friend slipped into the void after battling lung cancer all his life. He was only 18 years old, a senior in high school, and would have been 19 on the day I found ouyt I am to graduate (May 24, 2012).
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Art and Acceptance through Expression. What a bizarre topic. Well, there is a reason for it.

This week's topic is courtesy of Myles and Valek. It was a poem about the latter that originally inspired me to write this entry, and work by Myles that continues to influence this idea.


The art runs rampid in our modern world. Art is used for everything, from expression of political views to emotional pieces to depictions of fantastical worlds and places we can only dream of. And Art, as Myles...
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I spent a long time doing a psychology project but now I'm back.

I have successfully scared the doo out of 35 people, mind-freaked dozens more, and futhured my powers of telepathy through meditation, zen, and study. I was extremely priviledged and was able to spend a couple of weeks in Frongoda, the Telepathic headquarters in the northeastern US, which is essentially a city composed solely of Telepaths. Sometime I will try to post a picture of me while I was there.

To be totally honest, I forgot the URL of the blog! Fortunately, I knew where it was stored, so I was able to...
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This week's topic courtesy a PM to Saphira12 of SF and a discussion with my sweet Al Dragonia.


Such a hard topic for me to breach, as, up until the past winter, I'd never been accepted by more than one person.

That one person, for the record, gave up on me.

Recently, I joined the Unofficial Dragon Adopters Chat on This was easily the best mistake I've ever made in my life.

In the past several months, I have created a web of trusted people. A web of unbelievable...
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[Rogue«] I wanna blog something. but I need an idea....
[Myles»] hm..
[Myles»] I have an idea.
[Myles»] What if you blogged about the meaning of friendship and how it applies to you and your life?

Friendship.... what on earth does that mean to me....

Before my junior year of High School, it would have meant absolutely nothing more than not being alone at lunch. But it was halfway through my junior year when I broke the rules and stumbled into my first chat room. I salute thee, the Unofficial Dragon Adopters chat.

I had entered there.
That is...
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