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 A few warnings to my future mate

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A few warnings to my future mate Empty
PostA few warnings to my future mate

Requested topic by (Anonymous person)

So, I was asked what warnings I would give my future mate. Well, I thought about it and here they are:

1. I do enjoy cuddling. I won't do it openly but as soon as I find you alone I will tackle you. Nothing over pg, really, aside from an excess of affection.
2. I can't cook. Unless it is: Banana Bread, Pizza, pasta or awesome garlic bread.
3. I rarely use headphones. Unless I am on a walk, I rarely use headphones. Or a headset Mic, for that matter. I just yell at my laptop's mic :3
4. I am terrified of basements. You will be required to go before me to check for dead bodies, big spiders, foxes, and other dangerous stuff. But no worries, I will be right behind you!
5. I love nerdy stuff and reminiscing about the 90's.
6. Remember about the headphones? Well, I forgot to mention I listen to the same 20 songs on repeat :3
7. The Kindle goes everywhere.
8. I eat pizza with Ranch Dressing.
9. Yes, monsters also live in the trunk of the car :3
10. Ranch + raw cucumber=yum.
11. Failure to remember my birthday is a no-no.
12. Same goes for our anniversary.
13. We have to have a dog.
14. I want a sugar glider. One day. SUPER bad :3 Please let me get one.
15. Kids can wait. YES THEY CAN do not argue with me.
16. A framed portrait of my puppy is a mandatory addition to the hallway.
17. Please forgive me for being a bit of a mess. I can't organize worth a crap.
18. Tacos in a bowl is, in fact, a meal.
19. Mac n cheese and hot dogs is also a meal.
20. Absolutely NO: -Macadamia Nuts -Salmon -sulfur -asparagus. (I'm allergic to it, to some degree.) But poison ivy is fine!
21. Also, no bees. I'm scared shitless of them.

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That's more like it.

A few warnings to my future mate >      [SSSS]
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A few warnings to my future mate

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