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 Finally to the breaking point (SO NOT rated pg7-crude language)

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Rogue Fighter
Rogue Fighter

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PostFinally to the breaking point (SO NOT rated pg7-crude language)

I've had.... issues.... of sorts, with a couple of people for months now. Ever since one appeared, this summer, in fact.

Finally, however, I sense the hatred--and pure insult, desire, whatever it may be--is going to burst. And soon. When it does... oh, I do not pity the recipient. I do not. In fact, far from it! If it gets how far it is headed... it will be moot. And they will regret messing with me.

Though I have said I am unbothered and it is fine, many times, it has been grudgingly. But no. It was never "fine" and I refuse to allow the illusion it is to persist for any longer.

So, without further ado, I disrespectfully demand a certain person GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY PERSON. I am sick of it. I do not want to ever be told again I can't skype someone because they are talking to YOU. I do not ever want to be told again that I have nothing to fear... because usually the faggot that says it is a lying fuckass, regardless of who they are. I do not want to feel threatened by friends. And for the next fuckass that says that is what friends do--I DON'T HAVE FRIENDS. I WOULDN'T KNOW JACKASS. So to the horrid person whom is my sleepy angered haze I despise so much--FUCK. YOU. GO TO HELL. Jediic don't believe in hell, but you may go to it.

Thank you. Have a nice fucking night.

PS--There is word out on deviantArt Rogue is female. Only Roguette is female. Kthxbai!


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That's more like it.

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Finally to the breaking point (SO NOT rated pg7-crude language) :: Comments

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Finally to the breaking point (SO NOT rated pg7-crude language)

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