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Christmas! Empty

Today we celebrated Christmas early.

My brothers and I did very well this year. They got a zike and more airsoft guns, in addition to all things Pokémon, a drum, and a remote control helicopter and car. My mom got a puzzle, some binoculars, and a cooking griddle. Even the cats, Alex and Sparta, got lots of treats. My amazing dog, Nikki, got some rawhide, a pink lighted leash, and a bag of pepperoni. Just now, my awesome little brother Colin showed me his remote control car as it spun crazily in tight circles.

I, however, feel that I got the best stuff of all. Most of the stuff on my Christmas wishlist was stuff for college. I wanted a bike basket, a new front tire for my bike, some pots and pans, a broom and silverware. I use my bike a lot at college because I write it to the public library. While on my way to a meeting one time, a FedEx truck turned the corner and sideswiped me, rolling over the front tire of my bike and bending the rim. Though it hasn't been fixed yet, mom says it will be before I go back.

I got mine craft, which I'd also wanted, a bike basket, pots and pans, more beads for my weaving, a lot of hunger games and hello Kitty items, and a screwdriver set. I've been needing a screwdriver set because my other screwdriver doesn't fit the screws on my computer. I even got Dragon speech recognition software. I typed this blog post, or rather, Dragon did, in Microsoft Word. Dragon is so much better than Windows speech recognition. It's much more accurate, does more, and even customizes itself to your accent, age, and other factors. I can't wait to use it for all my future posts.

This has been an awesome Christmas. It's also my first Christmas as an adult. Now, I'd better get off here, and go hang out with the others.

Roque out

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That's more like it.

Christmas! >      [SSSS]
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