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 I'm mad so I'm gonna ruin your day

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Rogue Fighter
Rogue Fighter

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I'm mad so I'm gonna ruin your day Empty
PostI'm mad so I'm gonna ruin your day

Seriously, if you are a member of Mythic Paradise, I really intend to-and will-do just that!

Seven facts you really MUST know about your beloved member with the cuddling cat avatar:
1. Okay remember when we kept changing rooms because, oh call him M, kept getting in? I helped. Occasionally.
2. G was never mean to me. If anything? He was friendly in the extreme sense of the word. He wasn't so nice to my friends, but besides banning me he was as friendly as could be. And the ban was cause I actually provoked him!
3. I don't tolerate you guys, I just enjoy the insanity because it reminds me of what grandpa always says.
4. I have more problems then I bother to tell you guys about. You guys just never listen. So I cry alone, in constant pain, and use my endless supply of bitter sarcasm to wile away at others. Because there is nothing left behind the facade. It's not a facade, really. It's just what.... is.
5. I have a knife. When I'm depressed, I imagine it carving your names into a tree. But not just any tree. It's a tree that stands in the yard of the last house on the right in the trailer park, on Johnsonville Lane, in Johnsonville, North Carolina. It's the big climbable one. I do it right above the three strong forks, right before where the limbs get thinner and climbing is impossible.
I haven't seen that tree in 14+ years.
6. I really do hate each and every one of you in my own special way. Except one. And those of you who I don't know well enough to hate.
7. I actually have more blogs like the one you made me shut down last year. I just lost the URLs. Search for dB or something like that. You'll find it eventually.
8. Yes, I really am a bitch. My sister is a bitch. My biological mother is a bitch. Got a problem with that?

Rogue Fighter
PS I hate you too. I don't care if you are a member of MP or not. (JK, JK)

I'm mad so I'm gonna ruin your day Wolves10I'm mad so I'm gonna ruin your day Wolf_m10I'm mad so I'm gonna ruin your day Shut_u10I'm mad so I'm gonna ruin your day 53622710

I am the CREATOR!!


That's more like it.

I'm mad so I'm gonna ruin your day >      [SSSS]
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I'm mad so I'm gonna ruin your day

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