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This week's topic courtesy a PM to Saphira12 of SF and a discussion with my sweet Al Dragonia.


Such a hard topic for me to breach, as, up until the past winter, I'd never been accepted by more than one person.

That one person, for the record, gave up on me.

Recently, I joined the Unofficial Dragon Adopters Chat on This was easily the best mistake I've ever made in my life.

In the past several months, I have created a web of trusted people. A web of unbelievable people who I can always count on, who accept me for how I am. Autistic. MPD. A nerd. A failed personage with no goal in life.

For a while, I have not felt very welcomed here.

((PM excerpt))

The Mythic users opened up to me wordlessly, accepted me, accepted some things I'd never admit on SF. They're a close community. Everyone knows everyone. A loss in the family of one is like a loss in everyone's family. Good news is passed on. A stranger is only a stranger as long as they refuse to relax. Many of us have met or called each other.... including me. I have talked with ******** (of here and Mythic) on the phone myself, as well as Mythic's owner, ********.

As of tomorrow, I have been on SF two years (including my time spent as Angela_For_Ryder). As of now, I have spent under 6 months on Mythic Paradise. Yet... I think I belong there more...

This is hard to explain. Something earlier this year set me off. I told ********, just now. He gets it... but... if I told someone here, I'd probably never talk to anypne here again. I'd leave for real.

The crazy thing is, I wanted something to happen on SF. It happened on Mythic, and I blew up in the owner's face for it. I never intended for it to happen there. It just did.

gah, this is hard to tell without sounding like a sore sport.... or whatever the saying is... Acceptance Icon_lol

Well, what can I say?

I was never accepted by anyone-excluding WS-before I came to Mythic. Not even my family.

Not even my brother or sister, whom I have never met.

Not even by my friends.

Acceptance is a need of the human race. To feel accepted, to be accepted, to experience the sensation of someone who agrees with you, wether you are right or wrong.

This is the need of the human race. It is one of the most unfulfilled needs we have as well, in my opinion.

What can you do? I don't know, get a life and stop reading my blog? Rolling Eyes Okay, maybe just try to end this need... I really don't know...

Rogue Out.

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I am the CREATOR!!


That's more like it.

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