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 Scary Beings

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PostScary Beings

I think my mom tops the list right now, currently taking the number one place. Weeping Angels are number two.

Why? She went into her room after being gone a night, and found her trash can tipped over. No big deal. Then she found poop among the contents, claimed I locked up Athena (brother's new puppy) in her room and started screaming at me. Then when I tried to convince her ALEX had been the only one in her room, one of our tabby toms, she called me a liar and told me to leave. Upon having left, I muttered "believe what you want" and she called me back in there. She screamed at me to "come here," pointing to her feet as if I were an animal. She then said, "come here so I can slap your face off for backtalking me!". I, suddenly deathly pale, backed out the door, and when forced to come closer stayed out of arm's reach. She did not slap me, mainly because I was pleading over and over for her not too, or because she knew it would look bad for her in court. I apologized about a dozen times, and I think she only hear two of those because she was screaming more. I'm shaking now.

Al, sis, do not read below this text.

Rogue Out

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Scary Beings

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