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 When I Say

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PostWhen I Say

You never know what I mean. You don't realize what it is, and through your ignorance you cause constant pain.

When I ask if you're busy, I want to say hi
When you say you are, I go and hide
When you don't answer, I feel all alone
When you say you can't talk now, my heart gets dragged back home.
When you say you will get off to say hi,
It makes me guilty, so I refuse to talk yet hide and cry
I know it's confusing to know what I mean
But I hate to be the third wheel in everything it seems
I know you won't even read this
Don't ask me, I just know
It seems to never change
Hasn't ever, nor would you show
How can you not see I want to be number one
Not feel I'm left competing after the god-damned battle's done?
You don't understand my need to be first in someone's life
The only one who did isn't here; for his compassion he died
I hate to keep repeating this, and know you won't read it too,
But why not try to focus on the one who's close to you?

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I am the CREATOR!!


That's more like it.

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When I Say

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