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 It's still going on

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It's still going on Empty
PostIt's still going on


I'm not okay. And EFF YOU for even asking.

You don't understand my sorrow, my pain. You pretend you do. But you DON'T. I can only imply one thing so many ways, so many times. I reconsider every day whether I really care about these feelings in my mind. I honestly want to just move on, to have a life. But something's holding me back, holding me down.
It's you; you're part of it. You're the reason I'm online. I need to get off, but I stay on hoping to talk to you, so often disappointed and so often turned away. I'm sick of being second place to those who should care the most and first to those who shouldn't care at all.

I'm sick of being second place in my own life. I'm sick of being the third wheel and I'm sick of being let loose by those who hurt me. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of being inferior. I'm sick of being told I'm not good enough.

If you want to tell my that stuff, say it here. where I can see it, and the whole world.

But stop saying it to my face.

It's still going on Wolves10It's still going on Wolf_m10It's still going on Shut_u10It's still going on 53622710

I am the CREATOR!!


That's more like it.

It's still going on >      [SSSS]
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It's still going on

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