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 Priceless Skype Log (ROTBL)

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Priceless Skype Log (ROTBL) Empty
PostPriceless Skype Log (ROTBL)

[2:26:03 AM] doritomingo: i will post your birthday story soon
[2:26:12 AM] doritomingo: finishing some edits.
[2:26:31 AM] doritomingo: I have to *manually* draw in the /klee/ symbol
[2:26:58 AM] doritomingo: it's being a bitch, msword hates it
[2:27:07 AM] Hema: I misread that
[2:27:16 AM] Hema: "It's being a bitch, my sword hates it."
[2:27:20 AM] doritomingo: O.o
[2:27:25 AM] doritomingo: rofl!!
[2:27:55 AM] doritomingo: oh, you mean Arya?! yeah we know!
[2:28:13 AM] Hema: uhhm
[2:28:15 AM] *doritomingo just fell off the bed O.O
[2:28:17 AM] Hema: XD
[2:28:35 AM] doritomingo: i hit my face on the desk
[2:28:49 AM] doritomingo: makes this even more ironic
[2:29:03 AM] Hema: XDDDDD
[2:29:06 AM] Hema: brb noms
[2:29:14 AM] doritomingo: kk
[2:29:22 AM] doritomingo: im posting that on my blog
[2:29:29 AM] Hema: o3o?
[2:29:37 AM] doritomingo: that weird exchange
[2:29:42 AM] doritomingo: XDDDDDD
[2:29:58 AM] Hema: lmao
[2:30:31 AM] doritomingo: yes
[2:30:38 AM] doritomingo: ROTBL

This is pretty epic.
Oh, btw, I never bothered to fully edit my Skype name. Too lazy. No stalkers permitted-only MP friends and family may add my Skype

Priceless Skype Log (ROTBL) Wolves10Priceless Skype Log (ROTBL) Wolf_m10Priceless Skype Log (ROTBL) Shut_u10Priceless Skype Log (ROTBL) 53622710

I am the CREATOR!!


That's more like it.

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Priceless Skype Log (ROTBL)

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