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  Mythic Paradise, 20 Years From Now

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Rogue Fighter
Rogue Fighter

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Post Mythic Paradise, 20 Years From Now

Here we go. This is to randomly compare members now and what I think will happen in 20 years....

now: 21 year old computer Geek with both money and emotional issues and a gf.
future: owner of a huge company, millionaire, single and Forever Alone
still here? maybe

now: a sonic/pokemon fan. good writer and digital artist for her age.
future: a renowned writer and artist who is a bit like Harry Potter's Nymphadora Tonks, complete with the wild colored hair.
still here? yes

now: I don't really know you. a bit of a prankster and jokester, really funny, nice
future: a video-game tester who is a sort-of hippie and wears tye-dye and drinks cool aid. called on to test all battle games of any sort. has a large collection of Robot-mechs. Aurick's mortal enemy.
still here? yes

now: pokemon fan and epic person in general. funny and random
future: a stalker. Kira will definitely be a Stalker. she will have a pet tarantula and seek to scare the bijeebers out of anyone who dares to get in her way. future job: ninja
still here? yes

now: amazing artist. sweet guy. did I mention amazing artist?
future: world-renowned artist/engineer. has done many murals. was paid by US government to repaint the Statue of Liberty.
still here? occasionally shows up. not different from now.

I don't really know you. but you will be epic. somehow. you will set a world record and be followed by paparazzi.
still here? yes, when she escapes her followers!

Al Dee:
now: artist, writer, sweetie. very hot. amazing person who loves digimon, super sentai, and all things punny.
future: a stand-up comedian. married to Symbi. still punny.
still here? rarely seen. Famous and well-greeted when he is.

now: I don't really know you. However, you are nice.
future: mortal enemy of Gricken.
still here? no

now: great artist. personal RP buddy.
future: designer of something huge and likely world-famous.
still here? when he's not too busy.

now: a dirty but kinda cool shy twerp
future: single and forever alone. published author. still mortally enemies with Symbi.
still here? no. permabanned for being too rude to older members

now: an artist. very friendly when she wants to be.
future: lives in a cave that is a tribute to David Tenant
still here? doubtful

now: a happy person. really nice and a bit... creppy, in her own way. epic.
future: no one knows. but it will involve dinosaurs... maybe archaeology?
still here? yes.

Rodriguez Elcazorro:
now: funny, crazy, a bit of a goofball in the epicest way possible.
future: has not changed a bit.
still here? no.

now: funny and a bit creepy but a nice guy
future: no one knows. probably has something to do with filming.
still here? yes.

now: a trivia genius. can guess any song given two lines of it.
future: wins 1 million dollars from jeopardy
still here? no.

now: I don't really know you. kinda like Sora but not really
future: who knows? likely an average working american.
still here? no.

now: I don't really know you. but you seem cool.
future: no one knows.
still here? maybe

now: I really don't know her. fencer. nice and kind.
future: olympic fencer
still here? no.

now: funny, a decent artist wether he believes it or not.
future: a cartoonist.
still here? yes. still here.

now: a cool guy who randomly enters. funny. still here after forever.
future: he'll be someone. where, I don't know. but it'll be somewhere.
still here? maybe.

now: a cool guy. I barely know him (too embarrassed by the incident on Skype last february)
future: probably still a cool person. I DON'T KNOW I'M RUNNING OUT OF UNIQUE HERE!
still here? probably not.

(description not available)
still here? probably not.

And... there we go!!


I am the CREATOR!!


That's more like it.

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Mythic Paradise, 20 Years From Now

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