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 Rant! screw my friends!

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PostRant! screw my friends!

I am so sick if my friends who always claim they want me around then totally ignore me whenever I am. One in particular is bad about it. He always says he wants to rp but whenever I have time he's suddenly busy. Always. Except one and he quit 5minutes in then.

I hate being used. Nothing angers me more except someone using my friends. Ive done more for some of my friends than anyone. Yet. Only one ever thanks me for it. Only one. Most don't notice nor care. And you know what? Twark is right.

From now on, they can go to hell. I do too much. I'm so passive I normally accept it. But never again. I am me, I am free.. and you can go find his double hockey sticks and join em.

I don't care anymore. I am going to join R2D2 and Cus out the world. Screw you. And, Yoda? Try is all you can do.

That's all.


I am the CREATOR!!


That's more like it.

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Rant! screw my friends!

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